Colombia Tour (Deposit)

Colombia Tour (Deposit)
Colombia Tour (Deposit) Colombia Tour (Deposit) Colombia Tour (Deposit) Colombia Tour (Deposit)
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Colombia is calling! Eagle Paragliding will be offering 3 weeks of tours in Colombia this winter. Colombia offers truly amazing flying and XC for pilots of all levels. The people in Colombia are warm, and it's safe for visitors and tourists. The only risk is not wanting to leave. Reserve your spot now because these tours will sell out.

2019 Eagle Paragliding Colombia Tours

Colombia Tour #1 
Travel Day – Friday, January 25
Flying - January 26- February 1
Travel Day - Saturday, February 2 –  Travel home

Colombia Tour #2 
Travel Day – Saturday, February 2
Flying - February  3-9
Travel Day –Sunday February 10 - travels home

Colombia Tour #3 
Travel Day – Sunday, February 10
Flying - 11 to 17 February
Travel Day – Monday, 18 February


You can expect amazing flying in Colombia with cloud filled skies and friendly landing options. Pilots of all levels can expect coaching on thermaling, XC Flying, Tandem XC flying. We will work on our launching, flying, landing techniques, and Cross Country team flying every day.  Those who need work on thermaling will get specific coaching, and those of you wanting to fly Cross Country routes with a posse will not be disappointed. We will also be calling tasks for pilots interested in working on their race to goal skills.

We guarantee unforgettable flying.  We’ve offered tours for over a decade all over the world. Our high caliber staff members supporting pilots at Eagle tours is unprecedented. Let Marty DeVietti, Brian Howell, Rob Sporrer, Dave Turner, and Mitch Riley support you. Having such a large high caliber staff allows us to custom tailor the tour to meet each participant’s expectations. Each staff member is dedicated in helping you to achieve your flying goals for the week.

The instructional tandem flights we offer as part of the tour are an amazing experience for pilots as well; especially those just starting to push themselves out of their comfort zone starting to fly cross country. Some pilots realized the benefit of flying tandem with some of the best pilots and instructors in the United States and took advantage by flying a handful of tandems. We had tandem slots available every day, and it was good to see the tour participants taking advantage, and getting the knowledge from these flights which they could apply to their personal flying.

The price of the tour is $2,000 fro a triple room, $2250 for a double room.  and $2650 for a single room. This covers everything except your plane ticket and lunches. We will handle the airport Pick-up/drop-off, lodging, breakfast, dinner, rides to launch, retrieve, world-class instruction, and wing tip to wing tip flying with our world class instructors. The dinners will be prepared by a private chef we fly in to prepare all our meals at the hotel.


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