U-Turn III Ris Protect

U-Turn III Ris Protect
U-Turn III Ris Protect
Brand: UTurn
Product Code: ProtectIII
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The PROTECT III reserve series is built with the innovative material PARATEX RS TX40. This material demonstrates superior features for use as a material for rescue systems.

Rapid opening (using the Rapid Inflation System (RIS)), small dimensions and light-weight fabric put the PROTECT Nano, the PROTECT III RIS L and the PROTECT III  RIS XL in a class of their own. They nevertheless have low sink rates, and a wide weight range. These are three innovative reserves, with performance characteristics which far surpass previous systems. 

The Paratex RS fabric reaches a new standard. It was developed jointly by U-Turn and Paratex and optimised for use in reserve chutes. It is a tear-proof nylon material weighing only 40 grams per square meter, which means it satisfies the high demands of tear-strength and tear-resistance, whilst offering optimal porosity levels.

The Rapid Inflation System (RIS) means that the reserve opens rapidly. The glider uses special bands which ensure that the canopy edges around the base do not lie flat on top of each other. Accurately calculated pre-tension of these bands creates air channels which enhance inflation in the first split-seconds of deployment. The RIS was not needed for the PROTECT Nano. Tests have shown that the system is only advantageous with respect to opening time for certain sizes of canopy. 


Protect III Ris Large

Protect III Ris XL

Weight Range

120 Kg

140 Kg

Area Flat

38 m2

42 m2


2.4 Kg

2.6 Kg

Sink Rate

5.2 m/s

5.0 m/s

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