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Conar Metamorfosis
The Conar Metamorfosi is recognised as one of the worlds finest reserve parachutes. Tested and de..
U-Turn III Ris Protect
Starting at 725$ The PROTECT III reserve series is built with the innovative material PARATEX RS ..
Beamer 3
In 1995 the Beamer opened a new chapter in the history of paraglider reserve parachutes. Our Rogallo..
Beamer 3 Light
 “Every great idea goes through three phases. At first it’s laughed at; then it’s violently opp..
Icaro Lite
Starting at $852.00 A new development with the well-practised technique: our new light-weight res..
WindSOS Lite Reserve
Starting at $789.00 WindSOS UltraLite a PDA design with great stability and minimum sink rate for..
Reserve Repack
It is recommended by most manufacturers that Reserve Parachutes be repacked every 6 months. Addition..
Icaro Reserves
Starting at $729.00 Icaro's rescue systems are constructed for extreme situations – robust, stabl..
UP Profile Light
Weighing only 1.6kgs and small enough to literally fit in the bottle pocket of your..
U-Turn Protect DUO
PROTECT Duo, the rescue parachute for tandem pilots and their passengers. The PROTECT DUO has a..
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