Lifting Air - The Basics of Soaring

Lifting Air - The Basics of Soaring
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Master the principles of flying lifting air with Dixon White, Master Pilot, USHGA Examiner, and first USHGA Paragliding Instructor of the Year.

Learn where to look for thermals and ridge lift, how to stay in the lifting air to climb efficiently, and deal appropriately with the dynamics of the soaring conditions. This is for beginner, intermediate, or the advanced pilot wanting to brush up.

This is a must have for all Paraglider and Powered Paraglider pilots.

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Edition Details
Area of Interest
100% Paragliding
Main Feature 56 Minutes
Extras 31 Minutes
TRT 87 Minutes
Format DVD
ISBN 1-929795-64-5
Special DVD Features:
Scene Selection
Movie Trailers
Digitally Mastered
Interactive Menus
English Digital Audio
Producer Paul Hamilton


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