Novice - P2 Paraglider Certification Course

Novice - P2 Paraglider Certification Course
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Our dedication and passion for teaching and flying has produced some amazing pilots, and many Awards and Testimonials

You have made the decision to become a certified paraglider pilot. This program is a thorough and intensive course designed to produce a safe, confident and competent pilot. During this program you will learn about glider aerodynamics, meteorology, thermal flying, ridge soaring, flight maneuvers, and emergency procedures. We focus on building your launching, landing and flight techniques through intensive ground handling and repetition of flights, made possible by Santa Barbara's world famous Elings Flight Park. The course length is variable, the average student should expect to spend 8 to 10 days with us to complete the logged skill requirements and both the P1 and P2 written exams. Eagle offers unlimited lesson days so you can pick the speed of progression. After the completion of the course you will have acquired the skill and knowledge to fly without direct instructor supervision at most flying sites. This is the start of your free-flying career. You will learn and develop a philosophy on which to build a long and safe flying career.

Eagle programs have become the standard in the paragliding industry and the basis for the leading paragliding training manual "The Art of Paragliding", and The Leading Paraglider Training DVD Series in the industry. "The Art of Kiting" DVD on ground handling techniques can give you the advantage of learning skills and techniques that will have you kiting and launching like a seasoned pilot even sooner. You can use this DVD both as an introduction before your lessons begin, and also as a refresher after you finish your P2 rating. This is a must see video for any serious pilot.

If you require more than 16 weeks from your initial lessons to complete your Novice course, additional fees may be required. We set you up with new or used Paragliding Equipment, depending on your budget. You will have the greatest success learning to paraglide if you can immerse yourself in the course and then continue flying or kiting regularly after completing your lessons. Private lessons are also available and our fees are structured on an individual basis. Please be sure to read the fine print below.

The Fine Print...

If we are unable to complete a program due to an operational shutdown, we will pro-rate a refund or merchandise exchange. There are no refunds or exchanges for students who terminate programs. Programs are not transferable to another individual. A surcharge may be applied if a student has missed training for more than 8 weeks. Students on certification programs may join any class where space permits. Classes are limited to a maximum of two new students and four Novice (Para 2) program students per instructor per day unless otherwise arranged. Reservations are required and are not confirmed until a deposit has been held with a credit card. The deposit for the Intro Class is the entirety of the fee and the deposit for the Novice Course is $1500. The Novice Training Program is $1500 with the purchase of a Basic equipment package, and $2500 if you already have equipment, or don't plan on buying equipment from Eagle Paragliding. Deposits are refundable only if a qualified replacement student can be found for your reservation. Eagle Paragliding reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the training programs or fees at any time.

We strongly recommend that students have their own medical insurance.

Please note: The minimum age for a student is 12 years old.


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