One Day Paragliding Lesson

One Day Paragliding Lesson
Brand: Eagle
Price: $200.00
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*This purchase will be a deposit for a 1-Day Lesson. You will need to bring cash or check the day of your lesson to pay for the lesson. visited Santa Barbara for a Paragliding Lesson with Eagle Paragliding. Watch the video!

One Day Lesson - $200 for 8 hours

This lesson gives you a full day to discover paragliding. You will fly solo from our training hill your very first day. Your day lesson begins with an equipment introduction and demonstration. Then we let you begin Ground Handling with the aid of your instructor. We practice inflating and controlling the wing on the ground, learning the launch sequence, discussing the landing, and steering skills before introducing the element of flight. The students confidence is usually growing at this point, and can surprise themselves with how quickly they are progressing.

Once our Simulated launches look good we are ready to put a radio on you and let you enjoy your first flight. All flights are solo, radio-supervised and entirely self paced. Before launching instructor and student recap the flight plan and landing procedure, and then you take your first flight. After your landing the van will be down to pick you up for another try. Your instructor supervises you on the radio during your flights to the landing zone. As you progress we will introduce new concepts to help you improve on your technique.

We will continue your training as long as the weather conditions are manageable, and we both feel you are physically and mentally fit to continue. We get some of the best flying at the end of the day when you have really started to get a feel for things, and the conditions get very mellow and smooth. This is one of the many reasons why you should Choose Eagle Paragliding .

After a day of flying you may decide you wish to continue with Novice Paragliding Training. We apply your one day fees toward the novice package should you wish to sign up for our complete program.

The Fine Print...

If we are unable to complete a program due to an operational shutdown, we will pro-rate a refund or merchandise exchange. There are no refunds or exchanges for students who terminate programs. Programs are not transferable to another individual. A surcharge may be applied if a student has missed training for more than 8 weeks. Students on certification programs may join any class where space permits. Classes are limited to a maximum of two new students and four Novice (Para 2) program students per instructor per day unless otherwise arranged. Reservations are required and are not confirmed until a deposit has been held with a credit card. Deposits are refundable if notice is given and acknowledged at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. If notice of cancellation is given less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson, the deposit is refundable only if a qualified replacement student can be found for your reservation. Eagle Paragliding reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the training programs or fees at any time.

Students are required to have their own medical insurance.
Please note: The minimum age for a student is 12 years old.

Are you interested in taking a 1 or 2 day lesson to see if paragliding is for you? You should get started with the right school. the school that is going to support you throughout your paragliding. Check out some of the things we got going for students that have trained with Eagle Paragliding:

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