Glider Kit

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Repair Tape
Repair Tape comes in 10 in. x 2 in. strips (25.5cm x 5cm). Available in colors pictured above. ..
Compact Pocket Saw
Use this small pocket saw to get your glider out of a tree or bush. The ultimate pocket saw for t..
Compact Duck Tape
High quality Duct Tape with peel off backing. Fits anywhere – in your pocket, pack, first aid kit, t..
Disposable Hand Warmer
Use these hand warmers for flying in cold conditions. We recommend wearing a glove liner, then putti..
First Aid Kit
Contents: Instant Guide to First Aid 1 x Cohesive Gauze 1" x 10 Yards 4 x Gauze Pads 3" x 3" 2 x..
Led Headlampo
This 5 L.E.D. Headlight is bright and compact for fitting into your kit. A great addition to a kit f..
Lightweight Mirror
Use this mirror to apply your warpaint (sunblock), or as a signal if you have landed in tiger countr..
Utility Knife Tool
Be prepared with this multi purpose tool. We recommend that there are some things in your glider k..
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