Brake Handles

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Airwave Acro Handle
These acro handles are soft and large, and give a perfect feedback to the canopy. ..
UP Acro Handle
These handles have an adjustable velcro grip, covered in Neoprene. So, you can customize the size of..
Niviuk Bake Handle
This is the standard Niviuk brake handle, and it comes with 2 extra magnets and plastic magnet cover..
Niviuk Magnetic Buttons
Niviuk Plastic Cover for Magnet (PAIR)
Niviuk Swivels (Pair)
Attach these swivels to your brake lines and brake handles to prevent twisting of the brake lines. ..
Brake Snap Repair Kit
This kit is the best on the market. There are quite a few styles of snap repair kits on the market, ..
Replacement Brake Snaps
You will need a brake snap replacement kit to install these snaps onto your risers and/or brake hand..
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