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3mm Niviuk Delta Mallion / Quick Link
3mm maillon used to attach risers to lines. Standard on all Niviuk Gliders that have 2cm webbing. ..
Aluminium Hook Knife
This is a basic and affordable aluminum hook knife. It features 2 opposing stainless steel blades, a..
Brake Line Set
This is the brake line that we use to replace all brake lines. Line type: TNL (Aramid Technora/Kevl..
Niviuk NKareBag
The Niviuk NKara concertina has a medium to heavy duty zipper, medium weight material to protec..
Niviuk Spreader Bars (PAIR)
These are the best spreader bars we have seen. Strong, large attachment points make it easy to hook ..
Quick Release Carabiners (Pair)
The Charly Finsterwalder separation carabiner is used whenever a reliable connection and if necessar..
Repair Tape
Repair Tape comes in 10 in. x 2 in. strips (25.5cm x 5cm). Available in colors pictured above. ..
Replacement Lines
Need to replace a broken line? We are capable of making sheathed and unsheathed line. We carry most ..
UP Risers
UP T-Bar Tandem Spreader Bar
This tandem spreader bar comes standard with all UP tandem gliders. ..
Woody Valley Flight Deck
The Woody Valley flight decks are simply the best flight decks we have ever seen. The materials used..
Woody Valley Relax Bar
The Woody Valley Relax Bar is designed specifically for use with Woody Valley harnesses. Eagle Pa..
Austrialpin Stainless Steel Paragliding Carabiner
This Austrialpin Stainless Steel carabiner is the steel locking carabiner that we use as our Steel C..
Eagle Paragliding Leg Stirrup
Use this foot stirrup to get into your harness after launching, without having to grab your risers..
Niviuk Kargo Bag
The Kargo is Niviuk’s new large capacity rucksack ideal for packing your glider, harnesses and acces..
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