Weather To Fly

Weather To Fly
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"Get Smarter Each Time You Fly!" TM


A much needed instructional DVD on pilot weather and meteorology. Dixon White, Master pilot and USHGA Examiner, and first Paraglider Instructor of the Year, takes you through a simple 5 step system specific to hang gliding, paragliding, powered paragliding to show the hang glider, paraglider, and powered paraglider pilot where to acquire weather data and how to interpret it.

This program will help pilots of any aircraft understand more about modeling and forecasting. You learn about regional and local influences and how to determine winds aloft and stability.

The Weather To Fly system take pilot capabilities plus aircraft limitations and weight them against the weather in the ultimate decision of "whether to fly".

The 5 step process guides you in select appropriate weather conditions for safer and more enjoyable flights. You learn how to develop your understanding of the air you choose to fly in. Making note of your observations and any trends or patterns for future reference helps you "get smarter each time you fly".

The Weather To Fly DVD is an over-all view packed with useful details and includes great cloud footage. It is a straight-forward presentation that is easy to follow. Time lapsed cinematography of cloud formations, in-air footage is used to simplify complex weather concepts, as well as, illustrate consequences of pilot judgement.

Details Covered

  • WEATHER DATA - Learn where to acquire weather data and how to interpret it.
  • OVER-ALL WIND - Learn about the Jet Stream, Iso Bars, along with High and Low pressure systems
  • STABILITY - Learn terms, temperature with altitude, pressure system effect, and over-all changes
  • How to evaluate basic CLOUD SYSTEMS


Producer Comments


This program is packed with useful details with a comprehensive view of the basics and practical applications that you can use immediately. Expert pilots will be able to follow all points in their first viewing, while newer pilots may view it a number of times to full grasp all of the concepts. Our goal was to make this program beneficial for new, as well as, experienced pilots. Using the principles presented in Weather To Fly, you can make better decisions about "whether to fly". Track your flight history and educating yourself for future flights by having an easy reference to past conditions and the quality of the flight you had. See trends that you might not have seen if you hadn't had documentation. Try to "get smarter each time you fly".

Movie Trailer

The video quality has been reduced for viewing over the internet.

Edition Details
Area of Interest
For Pilots of any Aircraft; Hang Glider, Paraglider, Powered Paraglider, Ultralight, Trike, Powered Parachute, Sailplane, and Balloons.
Main Feature TRT 50 Minutes
Format DVD
ISBN 1-929795-33-5
Special DVD Features
Scene Selection
Movie Trailers
Digitally Mastered
Interactive Menus
English Digital Audio
Producer Paul Hamilton

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