SIV / Maneuvers Clinic

SIV / Maneuvers Clinic
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SIV stands for Simulated Incident in Flight. After attending a SIV Maneuvers Clinic, most pilots have made remarks that an SIV clinic should be a mandatory course in obtaining a P3 Rating. Although that may be asking for a lot, a SIV clinic gives pilots a new awareness of their wing. Participating in a SIV Clinic will increase a pilot’s confidence and open a new dimension of flying a paraglider.

The SIV clinics are 3 days long.

2017 SIV Dates

April 14, 15, 16
April 28, 29, 30 - SOLD OUT
May 12, 13, 14.  
June 2, 3, 4
July 7, 8, 9
July 28, 29, 30
August 18, 19, 20
September 8, 9, 10
September 29, 30, Oct 1
October 13,14,15


Maneuvers conducted at an Eagle Paragliding Maneuvers Clinic may include the following:
- Asymmetric Tucks
- Full Frontal Tucks
- B Line Stalls
- Spirals
- Pitch Control (dolphining)
- Full Stalls
- Spins
- Wingovers
- Acro

Eagle Paragliding runs theses maneuvers clinics in house. There are only a handful of over the water clinics offered in the United States, and we are gaining a reputation for running high caliber clinics focused on safety and learning. We spared no expense investing in the equipment necessary to run these safety training clinics. We believe they are an important part of becoming a pilot who is ready to deal with events while flying. These 3 day clinics will cover a wide variety of important academic and practical training. We're excited to help you with the very latest piloting techniques and up to date information. If you haven’t taken the time to do an over the water safety clinic you owe it to yourself to get the knowledge and feel required to handle your wing in all glider configurations. You will have more confidence and a new relation with your glider after the clinic.

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